Friday, October 30, 2009

Sneak Peak

Who says mummy's have to scary?

Jacob lately has become obsessed with football (humm I wonder why??) His new words are "football" and "touchdown". Words that we've been working on for months won't stick, but football and touchdown took him about a week........whats a mother to do??

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jacob's First Haircut

Jacob lost a lot of his hair shortly after he was born. It took him a while to grow it back. Eventually his hair got so curly in the back that we decided it was time to get a haircut. We were a little anxious because we weren't sure how Jacob would react.

Jacob did so well! He didn't cry or scream at all and he barely even moved. He did so well that the stylist wants to cut his hair every month! Here are some pics. Enjoy!

Before the haircut

He did so well!

So freakin cute!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I am not sure how many of you know, but I love to sing. I was in the Phoenix Boys Choir for three years. I toured the western states, sang with the Boston Pops, and performed in countless concerts. Even though I did not continue singing in High School or College, I still sing in ward and stake choirs. I am not sure why I have not done more over the years. It could be that I was busy with school, work, family, or church callings. Maybe I was nervous about joining a choir after being away from a professional choir for so many years.

When a friend told me about a new choir, I honestly had the same first impression - it was not for me. After being bugged about it for a few weeks (and after several discussions with Shannon), I finally decided to audition. Last night was the audition and my first rehearsal. I felt like I had been musically famished for the past 14 years and was invited to a Thanksgiving feast! I look forward to developing my musical talents on Wednesday nights :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

8 Weeks and October!

8 weeks! Oh my! And I can't believe it's October already! We have such a busy month planned, I have a feeling the rest of this year is going to fly by! And before I know it Jacob will be two! What I'll have a two year old?!? Am I really that old? All I can say is as much as my body seems to hate being pregnant I'm glad I'm getting it over with! I'm exhausted. I don't remeber being this tired last time, well I do remember spending almost two months on a air mattress watching Man vs Wild, now, that show makes me feel sick.....But anyways I think I'm extra tired now because I have a head cold, and the pounding headache keeping me up at night isn't helping. Sorry I don't mean to be such a baby..... On a positive note I'm so lucky to have an amazing husband! He's like superman, he goes to work all day, gets his church callings done, goes the extra mile when asked and still has time for us. Yesterday when he got home he took Jacob to the park and then took him to the gym with him. Our gym has a daycare, and we take Jacob whenever we can so he can get out and play with kids. It was so nice to just lay in bed and rest. So anyways I know most people don't read all this stuff so here's the pictures.....

So here I am at 8 weeks, sorry I didn't put any make-up on....scary I know...I guess some little girl on the swings asked Matt, "Is that a baby girl?" I guess it's time we cut his hair, so sad I like his messy curls.....
Jacob loves apples! It's so cute so watch him learn new things, he thinks he's such a big boy.