Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Jacob started Preschool this week, and he loves it. On the first day all the moms were lined up waiting hand and hand with their child to enter the classroom. I was at the back of the line because surprisingly I wasn't in a hurry to be "Jacob free" for a couple of hours. Jacob had other ideas, he just walked past everyone and went into his classroom, no big deal. So I waited in line by myself to let the teacher know which kid was mine and that he was already making himself feel comfortable. I think being in nursery at church has really helped with things like this. When I came back to pick him I could see him sitting in his chair waiting for his turn to leave. He was so cute, I love him so much. And I don't understand why most of the time he drives me crazy, but the minute I leave him somewhere I instantly miss him. Is it sad that my 3 year old is one of my best friends? He was so excited to tell me all about his day when I picked him up.