Friday, July 23, 2010

Don't forget to Pray.

Jacob said night time prayers tonight and this is how it went...
Thank you for daddy...
Thank you for Lilly, Mommy...
Bless the food..

He can be so cute sometimes...We love him.

Swimming Lessons

This was Jacob's second year of swimming lessons. Last year Shannon was able to go with Jacob, but it was too difficult to do that this year with Lilly. So I registered Jacob for swimming lessons in the evening. It was a 2 week (8 session) course where Jacob learned all kinds of new things. He did really well!

Desert Oasis Aquatic Center

Jumping off the side

Monkey crawl

Kicks and big arms

Playing in the shallow end

Climbing out of the pool

Going under

Moral support :)

Swimming to the wall

Big slide

Whale slide

Splashing around!

Dad giving Jacob some space